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Explore our Selection of Hi Vis Clothing

Hi visibility apparel is essential for anyone working outdoors, at night, and in poor visibility conditions. Whether you’re working the night shift, through rain and snow, or near hazardous machines, hi vis clothing is crucial to staying safe on the job. Hi vis gear allows both pedestrians and vehicles to see workers on site, reducing the risk of incidents. Dress for safety and keep yourself and your crew safe with hi vis safety workwear.

At Uniform Pros, our selection includes hi vis jackets, pants, t-shirts, vests, hoodies, and coveralls. Discover our selection of hi vis workwear that’s designed for safety and comfort.

Women’s Hi Vis Workwear

Working near vehicles, machinery, and in enclosed spaces means visibility is crucial. While the number of women in the industrial field has grown exponentially, women’s safety apparel hasn’t kept up. Women’s hi vis workwear is essential to reducing the risk of injuries and incidents. Loose or poorly fitting hi vis gear can present tripping and falls hazards. Similarly, hi vis clothing that’s too snug can impair range of motion, making it harder for workers to complete required tasks.

At Uniform Pros, our selection of women’s hi vis workwear prioritizes fit, comfort, and visibility. Work safety with gear that’s designed with female workers in mind.

Hi Vis Vests: A Must-Have for Worksite Safety

Hi vis vests are the ultimate worksite must-have. Throw them over bulky jackets and coveralls for safety visibility that’s versatile. With hi vis vests, you don’t have to sacrifice warmth or protection for visibility. Wear your best gear and layer a hi vest vest overtop. With tearaway designs and multiple pockets, they perform well on the worksite to keep you safe and protected!

Shop our selection of hi vis vests, pants, coveralls, jackets, and hoodies for both men and women here at Uniform Pros.

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